Create your own AI Influencers using generative AI and real text reviews

As a team, we're very intrigued by the potential of this feature and seek your input.

This feature would enable the creation of virtual "influencers" through generative AI, designed to resonate with your target audience's demographics.

These AI-generated figures could take many different forms derived from genuine customer testimonials, such as:

  • Selfie-style / green-screen videos with AI influencers talking to the camera

  • B-roll / stock footage videos with AI influencers doing a voiceover

  • Images of AI influencers with text-based overlays in quotations

In our commitment to our core value of authenticity, the use of this feature would be confined to generating video or text copy from actual text reviews provided by customers. Essentially, giving a visual persona to heartfelt, verified feedback.

SwitchFrame's proposed feature would utilize the same video frameworks in your account, infusing them with your customers' textual reviews to produce videos that seamlessly blend in with content created by real customers.

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4 months ago

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